Monday, August 20, 2012


BMW SA has published prices of the new 1 Series 3-door hatch, a good few weeks before its official launch. Nevertheless if you are interested you can go place your order now as the order books are wide open. In addition, we have some specsand prices for some new models in the range, like the 125i.

Beginning with the 116i 3-door hatch, we see a standard price of R265 500 for the 6-speedmanual and R283 500 for the 8-speed automatic. The 1 remains the only car in its segment with an 8-speeder option. The new 125i costs R336 000 in manual and R354 000 in auto, without all the extras they’ll hit you on the back with. It sports a 2.0-litre turbo engine with 160kWand 310Nm, both of which will make it quite a menace to Golf GTis and the like. BMW says the 125i can go from 0 – 100km/h in about 6.3 seconds and top off at 245km/h, while averaging 6.5 litres per 100km in fuel.

Probably one of the most exciting little cars to see our shores this year is the M135i, developed by BMW’s new M Performance Division. Strapped around its waist is a 3.0-liter turbo petrol that kicks out 235kWand 450Nm of torque for the two rear wheels, via either a 6-speed manual (R445 500) or 8-speed auto (R465 600), your choice. Blast off takes place in a claimed 4.9 seconds for the auto and 5.1 seconds for the manual.

Like the 125i, M135i is also available in a 5-door hatch (R453 000 manual, R473 100auto) version with similar performance stats. We are quite impressed that the philosophy of “more car for more money” prevailed in this instance. Often manufacturers price their 3 or 2-door cars higher than their more useful 5-door compatriots because they are seen as sexier and I suppose more desirable. The cars are standard with M Sportssuspension, an electronic diff lock, M Sport Line kit, 7.5J x 18, 225/40 R18 front wheels and tyres, 8J x 18, 245/35 R18 rear, twin tailpipes on either side and a list of other accessories. 

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