Monday, October 29, 2012


Jayde Kruger is the Formula Volkswagen champion for 2012. Kruger wrapped up the championship at the penultimate round, with the final event of the season serving merely to cement his dominance this season.

For Kruger and his team this is the third time they have won the title and victory this season make it a consecutive title as they have won the 2011 and 2012 season. Kruger's championship title is made all the more significant as the season started slowly while the team worked on finding sponsors.

“By mid-season we got the car sorted out and also the standing starts,” says Kruger. “We didn't realise how important the start issue was. Just our first race at this event showed that a good start is even more important than a good qualifying.”

“My first season in Formula Volkswagen we only finished about eighth, but in season two we won it. A combination of the team and driver confidence is important,” says Kruger. “You also need to understand that when you race a series like this you are racing the best single-seater racers in the country – you're not going to go somewhere else and find better.”

For Kruger a consecutive championship victory has not been easy, but has been especially rewarding.

“Consistency and the reliability of the car have been important this season,” says Kruger. “It has been a good season, any time you win it is a good season, but we've done well as a team and achieved for our sponsors as a result.”

In the qualifying session at the final round it was Simon Moss (38 – Southern Sun / Terry Moss Racing) who proved fastest. Moss has claimed second in the championship fight and set the pace at the finale with a time 0.56 of a second faster than the champion.

The racing between Kruger and Moss on the day was no less intense than usual with Moss claiming the first race victory, followed by Kruger and Nicholas van Weely (87 – Anglorand) in second and third. Moss was, however, penalised a finishing position for overtaking under yellow, handing the victory to the champion.

Race two saw the defending champion penalised for a jump start so Kruger finished in sixth, leaving the race victory to Moss with Van Weely second and Tato Carello (24 – Lindsay Saker Edenvale) in third. These results gave Moss the overall victory for the day with Van Weely claiming second and Kruger in third.

With the season complete the Formula Volkswagen racers will enjoy an off-season that will provide the opportunity to assess their results for the year and provide an opportunity for some extended time in the workshop getting their single-seater race cars up to spec for their 2013 campaign.


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