Sunday, February 24, 2013


It’s not often that a company can recreate a legend. But Nissan has done just that, with the current GT-R everyday supercar which shattersall perception of what a supercarshould look, feel like and do. Now they have released the GT-R Track Pack edition, a car for those who live beyond normal roads.

Khayalami race track was the scene on a Saturdayafternoon, where a small group of motoring hacks gathered to listen, take note and drive off in prepared GT-Rs. A short presentationon the car and its features greeted the small throng, before being set on the loose in awaiting cars.

Some of the things said at the presentation included the fact that the car retains its 397kWof power and 628Nm of torque from a South African perspective (they get 405kW in Europe). The engine is also the same 3.8-litre twin turbo V6. Don’t think for a minute that this is not enough though.

Tweaks have been executed to improve performance. Such tweaks are things like new high-output injectors that allow for greater control of actual fuel injection, a specially-developed orifice for the turbocharger’s bypass relief valve – which suppresses the rapid decrease in forced induction air pressure, helping to sustain acceleration at high rpm and a new baffle plate in the oil pan, which curbs rotational friction within the oil pan and stabilises oil pressure especially during high-performance driving.

The name of the game here is to improve responsiveness, handling, steering and overall driving enjoyment. As such, the major casualty in all this has been the two rear seats which have been removed. Not that many GT-R owners would notice anyway; they were more suited to 6 year-olds than adults.

These adults demand something greater than just a claimed 2.7 second 0 – 100km/h sprint time. They demand top-shelf handling, now enhanced through modified shock absorber and the front stabiliser specifications, and improved steering response.

Going around Khayalami one could immediately feel the changes at work, with more accuracy at steering, a more responsive engine throttle, but still able to feel as comfortable as if you are in an Infiniti. GT-R Track Pack, which is unique to South Africa, is astounding in its execution. It’s not just seasoned racers who would be able to exploit the GT-R a little farther, but the common man as well.

The Track Pack itself consists of items like 20-inch forged aluminium wheels in a black quartz chrome finish, a muffler made from titanium, new air guides to aid in cooling the brakes, and exclusive carbon fibre Recaro front bucket seats.

Nissan GT-R Track Pack can certainly be enjoyed on an everyday basis, and should, especially in hectic urban city traffic. But for those itchy times when you feel like boastingand showing the laaities who’s boss on the track, it will still be fine. And that is what makes the car so special.

Nissan GT-R Pricing
GT-R Premium Edition (R1 398 200)
GT-R Premium Edition (Amber interior) (R1 448 200)
GT-R Black Edition (R1 448 200)
GT-R Track Pack (R1 743 700)

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