Thursday, July 12, 2012


Brembo, the world leader in design and production of high performance brake systems for the major manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and for the aftermarket and racing, has landed in South Africa with its aftermarket products.

The South African automotive market is growing every year and this trend has two positive
outcomes for Brembo: growth of the European car brand in the composition of the vehicle park, where Brembo is already present as a supplier of brake systems, and the overall growth of the
premium segment in the replacement market as is usually the case with growing economies.

In this scenario Brembo has taken the opportunity to partner with Sparepro as its official aftermarket distributor.  Thanks to a long term agreement with Sparepro, which has an efficient network throughout Southern Africa, expectations are to achieve a 20% market share in the premium aftermarket with brake pads and discs.

Brembo’s aftermarket strategy is to deliver total customer satisfaction, by maintaining a more tangible presence on the ground and achieving still greater geographical penetration. In a bid to meet every possible need of the aftermarket customer, Brembo is increasingly intent on placing its experience and expertise at the service of the parts market.

Brembo brake pads reflect the outcome of research and development conducted in collaboration with the world's leading auto makers and offer the maximum obtainable today in terms of product quality.  A new global reference point for performance, comfort, reliability and durability, these Brembo products carry a promise of dependability and competitiveness that guarantees the right balance of engineering and marketability in pads for all makes of car.

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