Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Car sales are still steaming ahead, as evidenced by the 10.5% rise in the first half of the year, compared to 2011. So far this year 301 499vehicles have been sold in the Mzansimarket, including passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs). Passenger car sales were 35 918 in June, up 14.3%, while the total market was 51 891 units.

There is a new leaderin the passenger market in the form of the Toyota Etios, which was launched two months ago. The little entry-level “starter pack” retailed just over 2 100 units in June, thus snatching the lead from long-time leader Volkswagen Polo Vivo.

Other notable performers included the Ford Figo and Ranger, the Toyota Hilux and the BMW 3 Series.

“Strong demand for LCVs continues, which is good news for our Silverton Assembly Plant and workforce,” said Ford Vice President Marketing, Sales and Service, Dean Stoneley. “Ranger is sustaining interest at consistent volumes and we will be able to capitalise more on the segment when introducing the new Mazda BT-50.”

“…a closer analysisof the market performance in June shows a subtle but important shift in the distribution of sales between the dealer and other channels,” says Malcolm Gauld, GMSA’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “Through the first five months of the year activity within the dealer channel was indicative of a high level of private buyer participation in the market.

During June the balance changed with the dealer channel lower than the previous month’s volume and with the rental and government channels correspondingly higher – both month-on-month and year-on-year. The dealer channel volume has also been propped up by continued intense competitor activity and new product introductions. A trend that has become evident through the first six months of the year is a re-distribution of passenger vehicle sales into the bottom end of the market with significant shift of activity in this highly competitive area.”

These were the top-selling cars in June 2012.

Model                             Units
1.    Toyota Etios             2 105
2.    VW Polo Vivo           2 092
3.    VW Polo                   2 048
4.    Ford Figo                 1 371
5.    BMW 3 Series         1 280
6.    Toyota Fortuner       1 030
7.    Toyota Corolla            854
8.    Renault Sandero        603
9.    BMW 1 Series            528
10.    VW Golf                    481

Model                                   Volume
1. Toyota Hilux                       3 067
2. Chevrolet Utility                  1 737
3. Nissan NP200                    1 530
4. Ford Ranger                       1 437
5. Isuzu KB                             1 237
6. Toyota Quantum                 1 085
7. Nissan NP300                        673
8. VW Amarok                            517
9. Toyota Land Cruiser PU        195
10. Nissan Navara                     170

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