Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Sergio Marchionne, the charismatic CEO of Chrysler and Fiat has once again reiterated that one of his company’s brands, Alfa Romeo, is not for sale. Volkswagen of Germany has been, since 2010, expressed a veiled threat to go for Alfa as an addition to its existing 12 brands.

Since then Marchionne has been consistently rebuffing those unsolicited advances by the world’s third-biggestauto company. VW Chief Designer Walter da Silva has long been an admirer of Alfa designs and was probably very influential in his company’s expressions of desire for the flaming Italian brand.

It is quite a well-known secret that Alfa has not been selling as many cars as it would like, trailing by quite a margin other small premium brands such as Lexus, Volvo Jaguar. VW reckons it can, given the chance, turn those fortunes around and make Alfa one of the top premium names in the industry. Where this would leave Audi is still unpronounced.

Alfa itself is launching new products over the coming year to try and turn itself around. These will include the Giulia sedan, an SUV and the compact 4C sports car.

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