Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Porsche is launching the Macan (spied here) soon, probably at the end of the year. The Macan – previously known as Cajun - is a smaller SUV to the Cayenne, and it’s based on the AudiQ5 which is of similar size. But the Porsche Macan, as expected, will be sportier and offer one or two different engines to the Q5. So optimistic is its maker about the car that they have upped their total productionforecast for 2013, from 30 000 to 75 000.

This figure is totally realistic by the way. Consider that the Cayenne is currently Porsche’s biggest selling model, outstrippingthe fabled 911 by 3 to 1. With the world kind of downsizing from big to small, it makes sense that people who cannot afford a Cayenne but want to be seen driving a Porsche, will seriously look at the Macan, especially if it’s priced in the same range as the Q5 and BMW X3.

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