Thursday, September 6, 2012


2013 Shelby GT500

Good news for pony fans in Europe as Ford announces that it’s taking the next-generation legendary Mustangmuscle car across the pond into Europe. Europe includes the United Kingdom, which means official right-hand-drive Mustangs for the very first time. By extension what this means is that Mzansi could be in line for its first Ford-backed batch of RHD Mustangs for the first time too!

“We heard it here first – Mustang, the American icon, is coming to Europe!” said president and CEO, Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally. “We will have more details to share in the future. One thing we can say for sure what has made Mustang such a sensation in the US for nearly 50 years soon will be enjoyed by customers in Europe.”

We don’t know what kind of powerplants the new redesigned Mustang will have when it launches in 2014. But we can speculate around V6 and V8 units, the former probably sporting turbochargerswith the EcoBoost method. Our hope is also that these cars will arrive in Mzansiat a good price, sell in big numbers and inspire the likes of General Motors to bring in their muscle car, the Camaro.

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