Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The BMW X1 has new competition from Sweden, in the form of the V40 Cross Country. While Volvo itself hasn’t said anything about this, it seems they are keeping the car secret for the 2012 Paris International Motor Showthat’s happening next week.

Cross Country is just a little higher-standing than the normal V40, 4cm to be exact. It features the usual chunky cladding to help protect it against the elements, should an owner take the name seriously enough to trek across the country in the premiumlittle thing.

We think it will be offered with a similar range of engines as the V40, including 1.6-litre turbos with 110kW and maybe even a 187kW T5 version. Nothing confirmed or denied for that matter, from Volvo South Africa yet, so we’ll cross our fingers for it, in a manner of speaking.

"South Africa will receive the cross country variant of the Volvo V40 around February next year. The local line-up will consist of a variety of engine derivatives and specification levels.The Volvo V40 Cross Country South African line-up and pricing will be released closer to the time," according to Volvo SA.

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