Monday, September 3, 2012


Buyers of the Jaguar XFR in the United Kingdom are in for a bit of a treat after the company announced it would offer them more speed than what other countries are currently gathering. The appropriately-named XFR Speed Pack is now available across the UK at a price of £2750 (about R36 700).

What special superpowersdoes it give you though? Other than extraspeed, it doesn’t look like anything else to be honest. From a limited 250km/h to a higher 280km/h. The engine and gearbox calibration have been revised in order to reliably match the new top speed, while the front aero splitter and a new rear wing are the main distinguishers from the norm. So essentially you are still running the same 5.0-litre V8supercharged at 375kW.

The timing is interesting though, considering that an XFR S has been spied a number of times testing on the Nurburgring and other places. That car will develop a dollop of 405kW, 680Nm and become Jaguar’s fastest ever sedan when it launches.

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