Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Good times are here for the motor industry, just in time for the fresh Spring season. Sales have remained high for the month of August, resulting in 40 345 new passenger cars moving into new homes. This is an 11.6% growth rate over August 2011, and a market growth of 6.6%over the previous month.

The popular names stayed on top, although one or two shuffled positions. For example, the Chevrolet Utility again got upset by the Nissan NP200 for the second time this year.  

“August was always going to be a slowersales month for FMCSA due to logistical planning to allow second shift production in Silverton to commence,” said Ford Motor Corporation SA’s Vice President Marketing, Sales and Service, Dean Stoneley. “It was also impacted by supply constraints beyond our control.”

“The market remains strong and set for total sales of over 600 000 units,” says Dr Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota South Africa Motors. “One has to keep in mind that we are at the cusp of the replacement cycle following the significant sales achieved in 2006and 2007. Many of these customers held back on replacing their vehicles, but are now returning to the marketthanks to low interest rates and the general affordability of vehicles in this market.”

“The new car market has been characterised by strong levels of demand for new passenger cars. With interest rates at the lowest level in thirty eight years, debt servicing costs for households are low and sufficient credit is available to service demand for new cars. New car prices are growing at less than 3% on an annualbasis and in real terms, after adjustment for inflation, have been in negative territory for over two years,” said Mike Glendinning, Director: Sales and Marketing, Volkswagen Group South Africa.

Audi saw its biggest August ever, with sales of 1500, buoyed by the A4 range.

These are the best-sellers for the month of August 2012
Passenger Cars
Model                                            Units

1. Volkswagen Polo Vivo            2 654
2. Volkswagen Polo                     2 158
3. Toyota Etios                             1 563 
4. Toyota Corolla                          1 541
5. BMW 3 Series                         1 200 
6. Toyota Yaris                             1 096
7. Volkswagen Polo Vivo Sedan 1 060
8. Toyota Fortuner                          961
9. Ford Figo                                    877
10. Chevrolet Spark                       822

Light Commercial Vehicles
Model                                          Units

1. Toyota Hilux                             2 942
2. Nissan NP200                         1 652
3. Chevrolet Utility                       1 555
4. Toyota Quantum                      1 355
5. Ford Ranger                            1 238
6. Isuzu KB                                   1 192
7. Nissan NP300 Hardbody          759   
8. Volkswagen Amarok                 515
9. Toyota Landcruiser Pick Up     270
10. Mazda BT-50                           180

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